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"Last Call" is a level design build entirely from the ground up by myself and runs in real time on Epic's "unreal engine" More specifically the UDK (Unreal developers kit)

The project was designed as a visual showcase and a demonstration of my skill and understanding of a real world game engine pipeline from start to finish.

Its very rough around the edges and somewhat questionable to play through but that's just how it is :)

All assets, models, textures(Bar 1-2 udk textures), basically everything you see in this level was built from the ground up using various tools and skills I have acquired over my time at university.

Tools: UDK (Unreal developers Kit), Maya 2010/2011, PhotoShop CS5, RoadKill standalone, Crazybump, Sketchbook Pro and a few other small bits and pieces.

Sketch work / designs / Prototype: